Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I Love Boston Legal

Ever watched the show "Boston Legal"? Its fabulous. And it's for us liberal hearted folks, and that's the part that surprises me. You'd think a show about lawyers in BOSTON would be very staunchly STUFFY! Either its hollywood, or, because Boston is one of this countries founding cities, they try to keep what this country is about alive. Either way, I love the show. And tonights episode about an employer who fires one of his workers because she smokes at home (not on the job, but at home) was a good indication of where our civil liberties are going. When an employer can dictate what we do on our off time, you have to ask your self "WHERE THE HELL AM I?"

1984? Or was it Animal Farm? Can't remember - itber, but they were both required reading back in highschool. One of them was all about how your always being watched. It was suppose to represent Russia at one time... but I think it's representing us now.

If anyone reads my blog, please start paying attention to what is happening in our country and vote, shout, be heard!