Monday, October 16, 2006

The Clock is Always Ticking

So, more time has passed since I was here last. But that's what time does... keeps moving forward. (Duh).

I've had several computer classes since my post in May. In fact, I have 3 students who keep coming back each month. I gave up trying to follow a curriculum with them, it's easier to go at their pace. It’s fun and frustrating at the same time. What seems simple to me is not so simple to them, and it’s not always about the obvious, its little things like someone’s desktop has a different picture than theirs. And seniors are afraid they will blow the computer up if they touch the wrong key. I mostly try to get them to understand there isn’t any thing to be afraid of.

I'm getting ready for another photography contest. I'm entering a few photos but I'm also in charge of the event itself. I have nothing to do with the judging, nor do I know the judges so I am able to enter the contest too.

And something fun - the city employees are wearing pedometers and keeping a daily log of their steps, we're having contests with prizes for the winners and the best thing is... you make yourself exercise more. I sure needed that incentive! Now I just need someone to pull me out of my desk chair on weekends!

Johns been sick since June, at first we thought it was a bad case of heartburn or gurt... but it’s something more than that. He has a hard time keeping food down, gets tired easy, and has no energy or strength. He's lost 60 pounds or more since this began and none of the doctors seem at all interested in finding out what’s wrong. Maybe cause we don’t have health insurance. We were able to get a doctor to line up some tests for him but they can't be done until November 21st... Seems like a long time to have to wait. He can eat some foods and drinks allot of beef/chicken broth. That helps a bit. I want them to run tests for some diseases that ticks carry, because he was working outside for a long time - but he has lost his job due to not being there every day. Also someone suggested he be tested for Chromes disease. I hope they figure it out.

Well that’s it for this time! Until the clock ticks some more!